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Behaviour to promote

Don’t feed the animals

Muskrat eating

We must not feed wild animals. We could poison them or make them dependent and unable to find food on their own.

Photo: Dominique Gendron - Héritage Saint-Bernard

Stay on the trail

Wildlife photographer in a forest trail

We must stay on the trails so as not to damage the environment or disturb the animals living there.

Photo: Dominic Gendron - Héritage Saint-Bernard

Tied dog

Young labrador on a leash

Dogs must be leashed or even left at home. If not, they may frighten the wild animals.


Photo: smerikal - Flickr

Behaviour to avoid

Feeding the animals

Hand of a person giving food to a deer.

We must not feed wild animals. But we can feed birds with the seeds that are suitable for them. This helps them get through cold spells when food is harder to find.

Photo: Copyright free

Walking off the trail

Hiker walking on a forest tree.

We must stay on the trails, even if we’re careful not to step on plants, we might disturb the wildlife.

Photo: Copyright free

Dogs running free

A dog running in nature

Dogs must be leashed. In some protected natural environments, dogs are prohibited.

Photo: Canards Illimités
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