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1. Which hard, solid wood was used to build the keel?

Big white oak

Hulls are heavy! Then, add the weight of the cargo…That’s why the keel had to be made of hard, solid wood like white oak.

Photo: copyright free

2. Which light, flexible wood was used to build the frame?

White pine in a forest

The frame consists of the pieces of wood that define the shape of the ship’s hull. When the frame had to be light, builders used spruce.

Photo: Séléna Bergeron

3. Which light-weight wood was used to build the hull’s outer shell?

Forest of spruces

The hull’s outer shell and the bridge required light, rot-resistant wood that would not bend, like white pine.

Photo: Séléna Bergeron

4. Which wood that does not bend easily was used to build the stringers?

Forest of larches

Bilge stringers and clamps are key elements of the hull. They require wood that does not bend, like larch.

Photo: Copyright free

5. Which very tall tree was used to build the mast?

Red pines

Generally, schooners had two masts. To make them, builders had to find tall trees like the red pine.


Photo: Denis Chabot
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