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1. Who invented the Morse code?

Photography of Samuel Morse.

The Morse code is used in telegraphy to send messages. Every letter of the alphabet is represented by a series of long or short sounds.

Photo: Public Domain

2. What original means of communication did the inhabitants of the Magdalen Islands invent?

Picture of  the puncheon.

In January 1910, the undersea cable allowing the Magdalen Islands’ inhabitants to communicate with the mainland broke. To make their situation known, they placed letters in a huge, empty molasses barrel, or puncheon, fitted with a mast and sail.

Photo: Unnknown

3. What is the name of the wireless telegraph system that was installed on the Magdalen Islands?

Gugliemo Marconi in front of his telegraph

In 1911, the inhabitants of the Magdalen Islands took a giant step in the field of communications when they installed a wireless telegraph station on the main island of Cap-aux-Meules. The Marconi system is named after its inventor, Guglielmo Marconi.

Photo: Domaine public

4. What is used as a fog warning?

Ancient foghorn.

A foghorn is used as a fog warning. On the Magdalen islands, the older sailors call it a fog siren or “borgot”. Often installed on lighthouses, foghorns are used to guide ships during foggy weather.

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